About Us

About Us

Billy Johnson, Associate AIA – Principal

Billy Johnson has over 25 years of experience designing and managing numerous types of projects primarily focusing on private residences. Prior to forming Studio Industrielle, he was a project manager at Lake/Flato Architects. There he managed everything from Ranches to modern steel buildings.

Billy has a passion for simplicity and for creative detailing which he incorporates into his residences and into custom furniture. Today at Studio Industrielle, Billy still pursues his dreams of providing simplistic, efficient and creative homes for everyone to enjoy. Each house starts with the site and is specifically tailored to that particular site. Wind, climate, topography and views all play a major role in the design of each home. The challenge of building creative and efficient buildings has led Billy to pursue more Design-Build projects. This process allows Billy to manage each project from the design phase all the way through to final construction.

Billy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from The University of Texas in Arlington which he received in 1990.

Today he lives and works in Bulverde, Texas and has been married for 24 years. He and his wife Janette have 15 year old triplet boys, Jacob, Jordan and Joshua.

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