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  1. Kee Klamp

    Manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum structural pipe fittings which are used on hand rails, guard rails and other tubular structures.

    Separating People From Hazards

    Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of components and bespoke systems for hand rails, barriers and fall protection systems. Established in the UK in 1934, the range has expanded from our original KEE KLAMP products into a portfolio of safety equipment, all designed to separate people from hazards.

    Our products are used to protect people in many applications and countries around the globe. We serve every size customer and client, and provide solutions for every project. Our products are tested and approved to meet the requisite national standards, be they for roof edge fall protection or skylight fall protection or ADA / DDA handrails for the disabled. No handrail project is too big, or safety railing too small for Kee Safety.

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  2. Bio Shield Paint

    The first company to introduce environmentally safe paints in the United States.

    We at BioShield wholeheartedly live, breathe and believe in green living.

    So itÂ’s natural to us that inherent in all the products we create are the same deep commitments we live by. To protect our children. Our families. Our community. Our earth and all her inhabitants.

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  3. Hollaender

    Hollaender has evolved into a complete structural pipe fitting provider.

    Our more than 75 years of American-made experience and superior manufacturing technology results in the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products.

    Our pipe fittings and handrail systems today can be found everywhere you look. From rocket launchpads and complexes to oil rigs, from Hollywood movie studios and modern amusement parks to the fixtures in your favorite retail stores, and from water treatment plants to powergen facilities around the globe.

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