Casa De Esquiar

Case De Esquiar

San Marcos, Texas

Construction Start, Nov 2013

The program called for the design of a new residence on a great lot at the end of a water ski run. The house’s main axis is cited down the center of a private water ski lakes located in San Marcos, Texas. The house is aligned to take advantage of the beautiful views in all directions especially down the water ski run.

One area of the house is private/semi-private with a small home office. The other area is designed for outdoor entertaining and interaction with the waterfront. The main focus of the house is the ski run with a 2-story viewing platform. The viewing platform is on the main axis with the ski run and will be illuminated at night acting as a beacon at the end of the run. The Kitchen and Living areas are the central focus of the house. The water side of the house has a raised wooden boardwalk extending the entertaining spaces outside.

The Owner has a deep appreciation for Mexican architecture with its rich colors and textures. Case De Esquiar is designed with muted exterior colors with the exception of a few walls on the courtyard side that are brightly colored to evoke images of traditional Mexican casas. The materials are simple stucco, stained wood for the arbors and viewing platform and a metal roof. All of these materials are intended to be maintenance friendly.

Large, broad trellises were used throughout to allow for natural light to enter the house while still blocking out the harsh Texas sun. All the buildings were oriented to take advantage of the incredible views as well as the almost year round south-easterly breezes off the water while still providing privacy from the adjacent street.

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