Christianson Plumbing & A/C

Christianson Plumbing & A/C

Main Offices and Warehouse

Bracken, Texas

Construction Start, January 2014

The program called for the design of a new 15,000 s.f. Office Building and 30,000 s.f. Warehouse space for Christianson Plumbing and A/C. The Office space was designed to display the industrial component of what the company does and promotes while the Warehouse is an open space for production and fabrication.

The buildings are designed on the middle portion of a large open field with great visibility. The Main Office spaces were designed up front to accommodate visitors. Each of the offices was designed for views to the exterior. The Office’s main feature is the large front porch arbor and large front overhang. Both were used to help reduce the overall scale of the front elevation while in proportion to the large Warehouse space in the rear.

The materials consist of stucco, brick, galvanized corrugated metal and clear sealed Douglas fir exterior wood rafters.

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