Dias del Perro

Dias del Perro

Hunt, Texas

Construction Start, September 2008

The program called for the design of a new Main House with detached structures for the Wood Shop, Carport and Kennels for breading Bouvier des Frandres.

The Main House is sited at the bottom of a natural ravine and has magnificent views to rock outcroppings and majestic maple trees. The house roof is a simple shed rising up to views of the meadow and maples and is used to collect rain water for irrigation. The Main Entry Screen Porch is located between the Living/Dining/Master Bedroom wing and the Guest Bedroom wing. The Screen Porches view explodes up to view the tops of the maples and enhances the connection with the outdoors. The Living/Dining room is a large open floor plan with a raised deck on the meadow side. The Master Bedroom area has its own screen porch complete with outdoor shower.

The materials of cedar, rusted cor-ten and galvanized corrugated metal were chosen for durability and ease of maintenance.

The Wood Shop, Carport and Kennels were all designed with shed roofs for collecting rainwater and all sited to take advantage of the site’s incredible breezes and views.

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