Fountain Sculpture

Fountain Sculpture

Materials: 1” thick plate steel, 8’-0” round concrete cistern.

The clients wanted a water sculpture off their screen porch that would allow them to hear and see it while within. The clients did not want the sculpture to obscure their view from the screen porch. Two plates of steel are welded to a steel channel structure and all the plumbing is between the 2 plates of steel. The water flows between the sheets of steel and down into the cistern. When viewed from the screen porch the sculpture is very thin and the major view is of the water falling into the cistern.

The steel was left to rust and the concrete cistern was left natural concrete. The cistern has a recirculation pump and is home to several Koi and water plants.

The overall size of the steel sculpture is 4’-0” x 6’-6”.

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