Hill Country Chapel

Hill Country Chapel

Construction Start, July 2013

The program for the Hill Country Chapel was very simple. The Clients wanted a small, intimate Chapel built for small services, meditation and prayer. It is designed completely off the grid and is cited to take advantage of breezes and the beautiful Hill Country scenery. A solar powered ceiling fan is used on the interior on those days when the Texas breezes are not present.

The design evolved from the use of 2 large, parallel stone walls situated as “blinders” while the areas between the walls were all glass. A simple shed roof was incorporated while clerestory windows above the stone walls further the interaction with the exteriors.

The stone walls are 2’x2’x6’ limestone blocks stacked on each other to form walls. The entire structure is supported from these walls. The roof design is intended to float above the stone walls. Steps up to the Chapel Porch and Entry evoke similar Chapels from a time when everything seemed simpler. A large glass and steel overhead garage door is designed on one end of the Chapel to completely open up the Chapel to the environment. Steel and glass candle holders are designed on one side of the Chapel and are placed within the joints of the stone in a random pattern.

The materials of stone, cedar and galvanized metals were all chosen for longevity and ease of maintenance.


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