Media Wall

Media Wall

Materials: 1/2″ Homosote Board, painted plywood cabinet

The wall was designed to house the client’s 42” plasma television along with all the necessary home theater equipment. The TV is mounted to the existing wall with the homosote panels projecting out from the wall to align flush with the TV. The homosote panels were cut in sized to create the pattern illustrated.

The cabinet was built from 3/4″ stain grade maple and houses all the necessary equipment for the home theater. It was then painted a dark purple to similar to the color of egg plant. A concealed panel was designed behind each of the components to allow for air movement and to allow for all the wiring to be hidden. The cabinet is then mounted off the floor and is cantilevered off the wall. The entire media wall is 12’-0” wide and over 8’-0” tall.

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