Minor Family Retreat

Minor Family Retreat

Spring Branch, Texas

Construction Start, February 2011

The program called for the design of a new Main Pavilion with Bathrooms and a Screened Bar-B-Q for family outings and get togethers. A remote Bathroom is also located approximately a mile from the Main Pavilion Site and it consists of Bathrooms and a Sitting area next to the River Amphitheater.

The Main Pavilion is sited at the top of a plateau overlooking the Guadalupe River to the South. The 40’x60’ building is totally screened from the elements and is supported by recycled oil field pipe with locally quarried stone buttresses. The building is designed to be used throughout the year and will serve as the “Main Dining Area” for all visitors and family members. The floor of the Main Pavilion has inlaid Mexican brick pavers within a concrete grid work.

The Screened Bar-B-Q is located just to the West of the Main Pavilion and it too is totally screened and supported by oil field piping. The Restroom Building is located on the North side of the Main Pavilion. It is the only air-conditioned building and is built with D’Hanis bricks on the exterior and has individual bathrooms with showers and lockers for both girls and boys.

All the buildings surround a lush courtyard which represents the “Garden of Eden”. The courtyard is designed to be lush and full of birds, butterflies and water elements. The Garden of Eden had 4 rivers, Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates and these are all represented as concrete/water elements within the interior of the courtyard.

Surrounding the courtyard is an arbor constructed of oil field pipe and planted with native flowering vines. All the arbors and pathway floors have inlaid Mexican brick pavers within a concrete grid work.

The materials of cedar, rusted steel, D’Hanis brick and corrugated metal were chosen for durability and ease of maintenance. All the buildings were oriented to take advantage of the incredible views as well as the almost year round south-easterly breezes.

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