Tres Cuernos

Tres Cuernos

Bulverde, Texas

Completed November, 2002

The program was simple: design a home for triplet boys allowing them contact with the outdoors while maximizing their interior space.

The house is a simple shed rising from the lower end of the Office/Guest Bedroom to the double-storied volume with the Master Bedroom with the boys’ bedroom above.  Between the Bedrooms and the open plan of the Kitchen/Dining/Family room is a 17’ high screened porch connecting with the outdoors.  The porch is aligned to catch southeastern breezes and helps draw hot air from the houses’ interior minimizing the need for air conditioning.

While more opaque on the south, the home’s northern elevation opens to the views and to the soft north light.

Chosen with maintenance in mind, the exterior corrugated metal siding never needs painting and evokes the area’s rural barns.  The interior has sealed concrete floors while concrete countertops and maple cabinetry/trim is used throughout.

Designed to be flexible, the home will change as the boys grow.  With spacious interiors and rambling land outside, sitting in front of the TV is less interesting.

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