Valley Hacienda

Valley Hacienda

Weslaco, Texas

Construction Start, October 2014

The program called for the design of a new residence for a couple with small children. The house is cited on a large gently sloping site and revolves around the central pool. The house is designed to take advantage of the great views and ever present breeze. The Owners wanted one portion of the home to be for them and their family while the other areas are designed to be more open for entertaining.

The main areas of the house are simple stucco volumes and they have barrel vaulted roofs built from custom steel trusses. The other areas of the house are clad in flat seam metal for ease of maintenance and for a clean aesthetic. The vast exterior porches have steel arbors supported by steel columns on Mexican brick floors.

The home is designed for rainwater collection, photovoltaic panels and utilizes numerous passive solar design principles.

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